Voice Alarm Systems


Nuway install, maintain and service Public Address Voice Alarm Systems

A voice alarm (VA) system is a means of alerting people to an emergency in a clear and unambiguous manner with the minimum of delay. The benefits of Voice Alarm systems are in reducing the time it takes people to respond in an alarm situation and giving up to date information about the situation.

Voice Alarm systems are recommended for any large occupied building including offices, schools, shops, stadiums and ships.

Voice alarm messages result in quicker recognition times than when sirens or bells are used, and live announcements give more direct information and faster recognition times than recorded announcements.

For safety reasons VA systems are designed with fault monitoring for both audio and data paths , redundancy bypass and extended battery back- up operation as per BS EN 60849. All Nuway systems are designed and installed as per BS 5839 Part 8 and equipment used complies with EN54 regulations.

VA systems integrate with Fire systems, Public Address and room level audio systems to override any ambient noise and deliver clear instruction.

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