Clinical Skills

Hands on training within the medical education sector has become a large part of the modern curriculum. Creating real life medical situations allows students and doctors to perform procedures on patient simulators like the SimMan while being monitored by senior staff.

Nuway supply, install and service audio visual installations for clinical skills and integrate specialist medical equipment.

Our recent installation at the medical training centre at Bradford teaching hospital is an excellent example of the depth of integration and accuracy which is possible. Please visit our specialist case study area for further information.

Based around an AMX control system our clinical skills installations include:

  • High definition Projectors or Plasma/LED screens
  • High definition Video Conferencing systems
  • High definition Visualisers
  • High definition PZT IP video/audio recording equipment
  • Interactive Smartboards
  • Personal address audio systems
  • Bespoke Cabinetry for equipment housing

There is no limit to what we can achieve. Please have a look at our case studies or why not book an appointment to come to our demonstration facility and find out what exciting new products are available. Initial enquiries can be made via email or telephone.
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