Nuway supply, install and maintain IP surveillance systems.

IP based systems use digital technology to convert images and audio into data and transmitting them over structured cabling networks.
Recent advances in technology has lead to the developments of Megapixel IP cameras allowing IP based recording systems to have a wealth of advantages over analogue systems and are now an automatic choice in larger installations or where High Definition ;picture quality or automatic recognition technology is required Where integration of cameras into a larger control or distribution system is required, an IP based system is essential.

  • Operate over existing LAN structured cabling systems. Saving money on new cabling.
  • Wireless options available. Position cameras where you need them.
  • Power carried to cameras over Ethernet cable. Save money on cabling and installation.
  • Network connection. Cameras can be at different sites and communicate via broadband.
  • Security. The recording equipment can be in a remote location.
  • Digital Image. No loss of quality during transmission from camera.
  • Scalability. Increasing the number of cameras doesn't require different equipment.
  • Control. Zoom, alarm, audio and video controlled via one cable.

Nuway supply and recommend Axis and QVIS IP cameras and surveillance systems.

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