Case Studies


University of Nottingham: Energy Technologies Building

The University of Nottingham is a leading international centre for energy research, with a reputation for excellence across a broad range of technologies encompassing bioenergy, fossil energy, energy storage, the built environment and electrical grids with a current grant portfolio in excess of £40M.

The Energy Technologies Building is a new, exemplar low carbon building on the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus, dedicated to RD&D in sustainable energy technologies. Construction started in summer 2011 and was completed in September 2012. This is a showcase building, demonstrating a range of low carbon technologies which leads the way towards meeting the government’s target for all new public buildings to be ‘zero carbon’ by 2018.

The University had a requirement to install new State of the Art Audio Visual facilities into the buildings Seminar Room.High on the list of requirements for the project was a Colabaritive Learning space which would interact with other Campus around the globe via HD video conferencing.

Nuway were brought in at the design stage of the project and asked to specify the system from the ground up. After careful consideration Nuway designed, supplied and installed a bespoke solution including 3 Panasonic widescreen projectors with a Kramer HDMI matrix switcher to allow any source image to be projected in High Definition to any of the 3 screen. A total of 10 microphones including wired and wireless technology allowed speaker and audience participation via video conferencing. Technology products included Lifesize Room 220 Video Conferencing system with 2 x Sony Full HD PTZ cameras, HD Visualiser, Smart Sympodium & BiAmp Audia Digital Sound Processor. The source equipment was housed in 2 JM Lecterns.

Fully integrated touch screen control was taken care of by AMX 9" Wireless Touchpanels & AMX control processors. Despite many operations requiring multiple complex commands Nuway simplified each to a single button press.


University of Hull - 500 Seat Lecture Theatre

This lecture theatre at Hull University features three Hitachi 4000 Lumens projectors which are capable of displaying the same image or three different images at the same time on the fixed screens, the theatre features Polycom HD Video Conferencing on 4 Channel ISDN, Smart Sympodium & Sound system. The system is controlled by an AMX touchpanel in the lectern.

University of Hull - Teaching Room

This smaller teaching room features two Hitachi projectors capable of displaying the same or different images on the fixed screens, there is also a Smart Sympodium, DVD player, visualiser & PC & the whole system is controlled via an AMX touchscreen.

University of Hull Wilberforce Building

To facilitate the implementation of its new Field Services department, Nuway & the University of Hull have developed a sophisticated Audio Visual System, working closely with each department a system which is both easy to operate for teaching staff, and completely remote operated by support staff has been developed.

For full overview of the project download the pdf here