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Nuway are specialist suppliers and installers of Conference systems to Local Authority and Industry . Wireless delegate unit Televic

We are proud of our reputation as one of the UKs largest and most innovative Conference system providers. If you require a Conference system you need to speak to our dedicated team. If you are currently operating a system which is over 10 years old and are using webcasting, Nuway can provide a new system on a lease basis which may cost less than your current annual spend and yet provide all the latest technology and functionality.

Systems are available with the following features.

  • Voting. Concise voting results collected automatically within set time parameters and archived for future scrutiny.

  • Sound Moderation. Nuway systems can be controlled by your members or by a Chairman. We understand audio and will provide the best acoustic performance available from your venue.

  • Video recording. Meetings can be recorded and simultaneously broadcast over the internet or to other areas of the building.

  • Full systems automation. Using a dedicated control system, Nuway can provide a system controlled in its entirety from a single touchscreen.

  • Integration. Nuway can integrate a conference system with your current website software including


    Televic wireless Wpcap

    Confidea wireless conference systems

    Confidea wireless features a powerful combination of technologies, developed by Televic engineers with years of experience in the development of highly reliable conference systems for the most demanding applications.

    Confidea has been developed from the ground-up with reliability and confidentiality in mind. Making use of state-of-the-art multi-band wireless technologies, fault-tolerant error correcting protocols and advanced encryption algorithms, Confidea wireless provides the most robust and secure wireless conference system available on the market today.











    Highly reliable - perfectly co-exists with your wireless LAN

    With the increased use of wireless networks and Bluetooth systems, the 2.4 GHz radio band is getting over crowded. In the case of any wireless interference, the Confidea system switches inaudibly to a free frequency. No other system does this automatically, and no other uses both the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands for extra reliability.

    Televic mic stems

    Televic Conference using interpretation
    Initial enquiries can be made via email or telephone 01482 310157